Genghis Grill: Seize Control And Build Your Own Bowl

How convenient would it be if everyone of us owned a restaurant where the only person to blame for insipid food would be the customer? Doesn’t sound real does it? Well, Genghis Grill is one of those places. They say,”There’s only one person in charge at Genghis Grill: You. Seize control and build your own bowl.” Voila to build-your-own-bow1the guy who came up with that idea!

I was greeted by a smiling employee, everybody loves a smile! She then walked me through the process of ordering and how everything worked. I was constantly being checked on, water refilled, polite. All my service expectations were met.

They offer three bowl sizes: small, regular and large. Once you choose yGenghis-Grill-San-Diego-1our size, it’s a 5 step process to make your meal.

You move thru a spread of 13 meat and seafood items. Some go with one or two, but I went for the whole shebang — almost everything. The chicken, fish and pork were already marinated which was awesome, there’s scallops available and even shrimp. After you load your meat, seasoning is next. Probably close to 12 options with basics like salt&pepper, genghis-grilland then we make our way into flavored salts, spices, etc. Followed by almost 30 different kinds of veggies, leading into the sides.

Tip: It’s not on the menu, but you can ask the “Grill Master” to add eggs too.And then, you sit back and watch as the Grill Masters cook up your creation in a blaze of perfection. And they can be quite entertaining!

I waited at the table for it to be stir fried and brought to me which didn’t take too long. The veggies, meat and fish was really fresh and juicy. I might have overdone the sauces and spices given that I was super-hungry. But hey, who’s to blame for that? Lesson learned.

  • Taste : 3/5. Blame it on me!
  • Dining : 4/5. Awesome experience. You get to be the Chef! How often does that happen?
  • Value for money : 3/5. Up to you. Tip: Fill the bowl to the brim!
  • Service quality : 5/5. No complaints about the service.
  • Ambiance : 4/5.
  • Parking : 5/5.

P.S: The sauce section has spoons to taste the sauces, don’t go loco without tasting them!

Bon Appétit!


Have any restaurants you want me to try? Please leave a comment below!


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Photos: Trip Advisor, Restaurant News, Genghis Grill


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