5 Best Buffet Options In Reno

For a city with a population of a little over 200,000, Reno relatively has a wide variety of options especially when it comes to food. And for all those foodies that are always on the lookout for dining options, there’s no better place to be. We never run out of options here. There are always new restaurants opening up, be it in Midtown or in and around the city. And it just keeps getting an Awful-Awful lot better.

What better way to binge on food and be spoilt for choice than buffets? Reno has a wide variety of buffet options. Too many options though can be overwhelming at times. Which is why I’m narrowing it down to the 5 best buffet options, based on personal favorites and people’s choice.KingBuffetChinese

5. King Buffet

Good Chinese food at a reasonable price. They have a huge spread of food and are very inexpensive. Although I’ve been told that their service can be questionable at times, I personally didn’t have any problems. After all, it is a buffet!

4. Island Buffetdiningislandbuffet

Located at the Peppermill Casino, Island Buffet offers an abundant selection of hot entrees, carved meats, savory soups, fresh salads, several made-to-order specialties and home-baked desserts. Island Buffet has been voted the best buffet in a bunch of magazines and is definitely worth a try for both the food and the ambiance.

3. Sushi Piersushi pier

For all those Sushi-lovers, this is the best all-you-can-eat option. It was formerly called AYCE, and a lot of people still know it by this name. If you crave sushi like I do, and you’re
a local, there’s a good chance you’ve visited this place at least once. And if you haven’t, go try it! Some must-try stuff: San Francisco roll, Spicy Hamachi roll, Spicy Tuna roll and the Seaweed salad. Piece of advice: let the Chef do his thing, just ask for his favorites.

2. The BuffetTheBuffet

Located at the Eldorado Casino, The Buffet is my favorite option for breakfast buffets. Widespread options and some good food. Don’t miss the wide variety of American, Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisine, featuring favorites like pizza, freshly baked desserts, breads, pastries and omelets.

1. Toucan Charlie’s

Toucan Charlie’s, hands down, is the best buffet place. The dininall-new-toucan-charlies-buffet-2g choices are endless here, voted “Reno’s Best Buffet” and “Best Champagne Brunch.” Enjoy made-to-order omelets, freshly tossed specialty salads, sizzling Mongolian BBQ and other  international dishes from seven exhibition-style dishes. It was recently renovated, and the food is still great along with it’s fancy decor.

Have some place in mind you want me to try? Leave a comment below!


P.C: Yelp, VisitReno, Peppermill, Eldorado

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