I love pizza. I eat pizza. I dream pizza. And I’m quite confident thPizza-Box-Stool-640x640at there are more than a few people out there who feel the same way.

For the last few days my craving for pizza has multiplied incoherently. It must be to vent out the excessive work-load from college (eating pizza makes me happy), or maybe the fact that the boys and I are partying too hard- which again almost every time ends with pizza. Either way, I’ve been eating a lot of pizza, and I’ve been trying out different places in Reno every day. And what I tried last night tops the chart without a doubt! Here goes the count-down!

5. Nik-N-Willies Pizza and Deli

A pizza joint from the 60’s. Having a nice personal pizza made and cooked to order today was nice. The crust is the right kind of thin, just the way I like it. Good selection of beers in the refrigerator, and the usual condiment you’d want on a pizza (red pepper flakes, Tabasco etc). The staff was very friendly and the service was fast.

4. Wild Garlic Pizza and Pub

Original pizzas that include garlic are hard to beat.The garlic knots are awesome. Definitely give it a try.

Heads up: Take out kinda place.

3. The Blind Onion Pizza and Pub

Lived in the neighborhood for a while but never tried their pizza, and now I finally did only to realize the YUMPH I’d been missing this whole time. Awesome pizza and the crust is what hits the g-spot. Tried dipping the crust in honey and it wasn’t bad but no where close to ranch. The pesto  sauce is really good too and you can get the wings while waiting for the pizza.

2. Smiling With Hope Pizza 

Love the concept and the pizza is awesome too. The theme of their parlor is “pizza with a social cause”,” To create hope and meaning in the lives of people with disabilities.” Definitely a must try NY style pizza place.

1. Noble Pie Parlor

Coming to the very place I decided to write about pizzas, N. P. P 🙂 Its location, pizza by the slice and late hours make it a perfect stop after a night out. When they pizza by the slice, they don’t mean “Eat what we have”, you can even customize your slice, which makes it AWESOME! And their award winning Burg-Style wings are to die for!

Heads up: You could swim in their ranch sauce, it is too good!


Have some place in mind you want me to try? Leave a comment below!


P.C: LaughingSquid



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