Roberto’s Taco Shop – Reno

From serving tortillas to stores and restaurants to becoming a fast food chain, Roberto’s has come a long way. Started by Roberto and his wife Dolores Robledo, it was one of the first drive-thru taco shops that served authentic and inexpensive Mexican food.

With over 50 years of experience in the food industry, they final9787655_G.pngly decided to open up in
Reno on Feb 1, 2016. Started off as a 24-hour restaurant on N. Virginia Street, they closed down by evening on the day of opening. Why? Food shortage! The crowd was crazy with long lines and people going hungry and wild. I had to go check out for myself what the hype was all about, and so I did.

The set-up is still exactly the same way it was as Giant Burger, minus the grumpy staff and the awful- awful  food. A whole new menu of course. They have a melange of dishes starting with Enchilada to Tamales to Camarones to Carnitas and a bunch of stuff, except tacos. Just kidding. I was overwhelmed by the variety and being a huge fan of Mexican food, I wanted to try everything. And so I did. Don’t mean to be too critical but the food was kinda-sorta overrated. I guess all the hype set very high expectations for me!

  • Taste : 3/5.
  • Dining : 2.5/5. More of a take-out place.
  • Value for money : 4/5. Huge portions. Will do the job.
  • Service quality : 3.5/5. 
  • Ambiance : 2/5.
  • Parking : 2/5.

PS: Go do your laundry while your food gets ready!

Have any restaurants you want me to try? Please leave a comment below!

P.C: KTV News

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