Laana Thai Cafe – Reno

“Lanna Thai Café was built as a labor of love by Chef Pim, a home taught chef from a small village outside of Chiang Mai Thailand. Pim’s mother and village guided her in the traditional ways of authentic Thai cooking. In building her restaurant she pledged not to dilute the exotic tastes of Thailand with over-Americanization. Her vision is to share a 1407522204000-REN0806-Menu-Watch-Lanna-Potstickersjpggenuine Thai experience with every guest.”- Got this off their website, hopefully they stand by it. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t really tried Thai food in Thailand, but I’ve heard it’s awesome, especially if you’re a fan of street food.

But I do like American “Thai” food and Laana Thai Cafe was my second shot at it in Reno, after Ruby Thai restaurant in the food court at Meadowood Mall, which was quite mediocre. 

They offer a wide selection of entrees, appetizers and “colored” (red, yellow,green) curries which is why I call it “American-Thai”. The one curry that caught my attention was Panang curry mainly because it didn’t have a name that symbolized traffic lights, and it tasted pretty damn good. Their Calamari is worth a try, and the pot stickers.

  • Taste : 4/5.
  • Dining : 4/5.
  • Value for money : 3/5.
  • Service quality : 4.5/5. 
  • Ambiance : 3.5/5.
  • Parking : 5/5.

P.S: The curries taste best with the steamed white rice.

Have any restaurants you want me to try? Please leave a comment below!



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