Laughing Planet on N. Virginia

“Laughing Planet. You know we’re a quick-service restaurant offering nutritious, affordable, and delicious fare. Maybe our tasty burritos and bowls, soups, salads, smoothies, juices, and homemade cookies are among LaughingPlanet_2012_logoyour favorites. But the truth is, through our own mixture of fresh, healthy food; a fun, quirky ambiance; and a daily dose of laughter and inspiration, Laughing Planet is more than a meal—it’s the best part of your day. Venture inside a Laughing Planet and in mere seconds, you’re transported to a lively, friendly world where laughing is part of your daily health. Every café is a meeting spot, a community-building forum, a place to sit and talk with friends and strangers.”

Kid you not, they mean every word they’re saying in their “goofy” statement. I like the burritos and bowls, soups, salads etc etc and the best part, MANGO LASSI!! LIMG_9164.JPGOVED IT! It isn’t exactly a “Lassi” in the the traditional sense of the word, but it tastes pretty darn good. Quirky ambiance- Agreed! You see little dinosaurs sitting at every table, the place has an awesome vibe to it, there’s soothing Spanish music playing in the background and you step up to the second level to see a whole different world. There’s living walls everywhere and perfect lighting giving the place a very chic look.

Omnivore? Vegan? Paleo? No Gluten? Flexitarian? Martian? We’ve got you covered

The Laughing Planet offers super healthy food that caters to everyone’s needs. Their menu includes  an abundance of clean, whole foods, tons of fresh veggies, and surprising global flavors that range from the exotic to the sublime. Look out for the seasonal and special menu at the counter. The only thing they lacked were good deals, that’s something that they can work on, considering the fact that they’ll be catering to a whoooole lot of UNR students.Untitled

  • Taste : 4/5.
  • Dining : 4/5.
  • Value for money : 3/5.
  • Service quality : 4.5/5. 
  • Ambiance : 4/5.
  • Parking : 3/5.

PS: You have to try their Cheese, Pico and Chicken quesadilla, it’s enticing.


Have any restaurants you want me to try? Please leave a comment below!



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